Please take a moment to read all instructions and then fill out the performers registration form below. There are no registration fees for performers at this time, but we still require a registration form for placement in town.


  1. Fill out the form completely
  2. Upload 3 images
  3. Click on Submit


Hours of Operation: 10 am – 4 pm

Please be advised that we will be accepting submissions up until the day of the event. We cannot guarantee that you will be listed in the brochure or marketing materials if we receive your submission after August 1st.

Liability: All participants are responsible for their own body of work, equipment, booth space, etc. If possible, our volunteer team will assist with loading/unloading and offer small breaks throughout the day. Bethlehem Summerfest, Bethlehem Events, the Town of Bethlehem and/or any other organization or individual will not be held responsible for merchandise/items left unattended, lost or stolen goods.

Locations: Performance locations will be determined by the organizing committee. However, if you have a relationship with an existing venue or desire a particular location, please let us know.

Time Slots: Performances are mostly ad-hoc at this time. However, we request no less than a one-hour set. Please let us know your desired timeline in advance so we can stagger performance times and locations.

Registration Form

    Do you require electricity

    Upload three high-resolution images. (accepted formats: jpg, jpeg, png) If the system rejects your image due to size, please email them directly to